Buying online is a great way to get some great deals and also knock off your Christmas shopping without the crowds in the malls.

There are a few things to consider to make online shopping a little safer so here is some handy tips.



 Shipping is expensive especially when you live in a rural location – not only that but it is slower.  What is common practice is that the rural postie signs for your parcel from the main courier and then drops it at your place on their behalf.

Invariable if you’re not home they will just leave the parcel on the deck / front door with no signature needed.

Safe delivery

 Now here is the worse part – thieves operate in our area all the time but in the next few months they scale up their activity. They drive round in what can pass as a courier van and follow the rural postie, watching where they deliver parcels and a short while later they steal your online purchase. You won’t know for a few days until you try and track it and as far as the courier company is concerned it has been delivered.

E-pack service

 This could be a valuable item money wise or more importantly a sentimental item that you can’t put a dollar value on – either way you might get your money back from the courier company but you won’t always replace what you bought.

Why not think about having our online purchase delivered to work or use the free e-pack service “e-pickup” just buy online and have the item delivered to e-pack on Wookey Lane.

Notification and pick-up

Once it arrives we will text you and you can swing by and pick it up. We open from 7.30 till 4.00pm Monday to Friday and will arrange out of hours collection in special circumstances.


This saves rural courier fees and delivery time and more importantly your purchase will be safe.