Warehousing / 3PL logistics and e-commerce fulfilment can be complex and time consuming for a growing business.


E-pack provide end to end solutions to enable you to focus on your business growth, staying ahead of the market and your competitors. E-pack provide end to end solutions for both B2C and B2B markets.


• Air and Sea freight     

• International mail & parcel delivery

• International courier

• NZ wide courier and freight solutions

• Warehousing / logistics / fulfilment services

• Marketing and point of sale distribution


 eCommerce Fulfilment

Most companies now have an online presence and sell across New Zealand and the world.

For many SME businesses, while being successful in their own right, they don’t have the shipping volumes that the larger 3PL providers want to deal with. This hinders growth for the business as while they are fulfilling their orders the focus can be away from growth.

E-pack work with SME believing that our business growth is down to helping our clients business growth, they are hand in hand so to speak.

With an excess of 10k shipments per month being fulfilled out of e-pack ( March 2020 ) we are small enough to bring a unique personalised solution to your business while being big enough to be taken seriously by our suppliers.

Talk to us about your business and how we can help.

 Shipping NZ / Worldwide

Shipping for business or personal shipments our rates are competitive and our services are robust.

Contact us today for shipping rates across NZ and the world.

Rates across New Zealand start from as little as $3 and we offer same day delivery ex Kumeu in Auckland*.

• NZ courier rates

• NZ freight bulk solutions

• International shipping including Sea / Air freight / Courier and mail solutionS


Campaign Deployment


Marketing campaigns can be complex and are critical in terms of timing and content.

At e-pack our team have years of experience and training to ensure your campaign meets its market deadline.

Simply have the components delivered to us from one or multiple suppliers and we will consolidate the items and despatch as per your instructions.

We have robust packing solutions to ensure no matter what the point of sale items are they will arrive ready for display. Some of our clients include but not limited to are Universal Studios / Progressive Enterprises & Masterpet.

Contact us now for more information.

Islands Direct

Islands Direct work with manufacturers and retail companies to buy end of line / surplus and overstocked items to sell at heavily discounted prices. It is part of the group of companies owned by Kathy and Mike.

Products are sold online via TradeMe and come with a 100% money back guarantee on all items if you’re not completely satisfied.

Savings are as much as 75% on some products and our product range covers everything from fashion to health and beauty, home and living and pets.

If you need a gift for a family member or friend living somewhere else in NZ or the world why not use our buy / gift wrap and ship service all in in go! Really easy.

All of our products are priced to bring great value with a 100% money back guarantee which reflects in our 8300+ positive feedbacks in the 4 years of trading 

special services.jpg

 Eco Pack

Our world is running out of resources and we can’t keep dumping rubbish into the oceans like we do.

E-Pack have created a unique service called ECO Pack where-by we only use fully recyclable and  / or bio-degradable products to fulfil your e-commerce sales.

We use boxes not bags, we use paper tape not normal tape and we use paper packing rather than plastic bubble, the whole process is focused on shipping your order with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Eco pack aims to reduce waste one shipment at a time. For more details contact us today.

 Special Services


Sometimes you just get that really ugly thing that needs to be sent and you just don’t have a clue what to do.

You can’t take it to the post shop and ringing around to find the right company takes time. One call to e-pack and we will do it all for you.

E-pack has a range of suppliers that we can contract to move it for you.


We have shipped car bumpers to New Plymouth; antique chairs to Christchurch and a child’s bed to Tauranga

– Once it arrives we will text you.