Island direct work with manufacturers and retail companies to buy end of line / surplus and overstocked items to sell at heavily discounted prices. It is part of the group of companies owned by Kathy and Mike.


Their products are not only sold online via trademe as we now have an outlet shop on 16 Shamrock Drive Kumeu which is open 12 till 2pm Monday to Friday.


If you find yourself needing a gift and don’t have time to head to the shops then pop in and browse, the store is stocked with a wide range of products including DVD’s / CD’s kids toys and gifts, torches, home products and kitchen gear. Savings are as much as 75% on some products


If you need a gift for a family member or friend living somewhere else in NZ or the world why not use our buy / gift wrap and ship service all in in go! Really easy…


All of our products are priced to bring great value with a 100% money back guarantee.

Islands Direct

E-pack limited

5B Wookey Lane

Kumeu 0881

Auckland, New Zealand

09 4127018

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